Friday, June 20, 2008

36 Weeks and counting

Today marks my 36th week and 1 day into the pregnancy.

By now, the fine downy hair (lanugo) that has covered our son's skin is beginning to disappear, along with the vernix caseosa (the thick, creamy substance that has protected the baby’s skin while he has been submerged in amniotic fluid). I've also gained a total of 28 pounds - 3 more pounds than I had originally envisioned. While I wish i could say I can stop right here, my doctor feels I'll just be putting on more weight as D-Day (delivery day) draws nearer, as fluid retention will work against me and the weighing scale.

As early as next week, as late as a month from now, I could be giving birth. I'm scared, excited, tired, excited, scared, tired - you get the drill. The pregnancy gestation period has been both an extremely long and short journey, depending on what time of day people ask me about it, and what i've just eaten prior to the question.

But we're almost there. Your prayers for my baby's health (and mine) would all be appreciated.


Daniel Ted said...

Good luck. Here's to your newlife's safe passage from your womb to the outside world. Cheers.

Leah said...

Hi Kate! Finally stumbled into your blog. Congratulations to you and Alex. Hope the baby is doing fine. Take care!

Kate said...

thanks daniel! thanks ate leah! baby is fine (although he eats a lot) :P