Monday, January 5, 2009

Picture Taking with the Gang

Here's some of the pix from last December 30.

Its been an on-going joke that Hector (who is exactly one week older than Dean and Nikki's youngest, Rowan) and Rowan would have the kind of love story that would rival those epic florid romance novels. While I do find the notion interesting, for me, what I'm most glad of is that at the very least, my son will have someone his age to play with and grow up with.

I know it's selfish. But growing up as an only child (my brother only came along when I was 11), wasn't pretty. Everybody I knew had some sibling who would be their kakampi despite whatever gang wars that occured in our little universe. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I don't think Alex and I could afford another child to give Hector company. Seeing Rowan and Hector together consoles me a bit, in that, at the very least, he is not alone. In addition, he also has his Ate Sage (Dean and Nikki's eldest), although having grown up with a brother so far behind me in years has made me doubtful if Hector and Sage would actually find something in common.

Whatever the case, I fervently hope that though Hector and Rowan and Sage don't share the same gene pool, they will consider each other family.

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