Monday, September 26, 2011

PSF7: 5 days to go! and Other Matters


Let's go people, I have faith in y'alls! Remember, I always respond within 24 hours (unless it's a Saturday, haha), so please resend if you have not heard from me.

For those who have submitted already, our reading period begins in October, so expect to hear from us somewhere in early November (or earlier, depending on the average length of the stories we have received).

Other Matters

Attended the Nick Joaquin Literary Awards last week (also known as Mo Francisco's birthday bash, haha). It was... interesting. The food was good. Met new writers (who, of course, I badgered into an oral contract to give stories for PSF). But the program was unclear.

That said, Alex and I (in separate instances) won luggage in the raffle. Not a bad evening. :)

Other (Other Matters)

If you need some inspiration for your stories, here are some fiction from PGS:

Also, there's a new story from PSF contributor Tin Lao:

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